Newborn Session

Firstly, let me just say congratulations! I assume you are either pregnant or have just had a baby if you are checking out this page.

I encourage newborn sessions to take place within the first 10 days of birth. I know, its a lot! Bringing home a baby is a huge adjustment whether its your first born or your fifth! In the first 10 days your little one will still be in their sleepiest stage and it will be a lot easier to wiggle them around without causing them to stir too much.

I am a huge fan of in-home newborn sessions. We can typically utalise a space in the nursery or parents bedroom with some natural light and it means you don't need to fuss about leaving the house - a huge plus if you are recovering from a Cesarean. That being said the option of having an outdoor newborn session is certainly available and you can view some examples below.