Family Sessions

These have to be my fave! They are full of energy, usually involve running around playing a game of chase and a ridiculously large amount of tickle wars. I have two little kiddies of my own so am well aware that sometimes children don't like to sit still and say 'cheese'. I like to encourage movement in my sessions and have a lot of patience when it comes to little ones (perhaps not so much with my own!) so the odd meltdown here or there won't bother me at all! When you send me an inquiry email I will send you back a questionnaire so I am able to learn all about your family and gain some insights into what makes you the happiest.

Creative Family Session
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Creative Family Session_1
Sunshine Coast Family Photographer_
Surfing Family Session_2
Sunshine Coast Family Photographer
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Creative Family Session_2
Extended Family Session_
Surfing Family Session_3
Extended Family Session