Have you thought about getting some family photos taken?

But are looking for something a little different?

I get it. We live on The Sunshine Coast and are inundated with beautiful beaches and stunning hinterland to capture some family photos - Lucky us! But the beach isn't for everyone. Perhaps your family love to roller skate or you come from a professional hula hooping family (I'm not sure if this is an actual thing!) and you want your photos to reflect the things YOU love doing as a family.

Reasons why you should get creative

It will be a fun experience. Lets face it. If your kids are happy - you are happy. Perhaps you could come together as a family and let the children decide what they would like to do for the session. Involving your children in the planning will help get them excited and make them feel like it is something they can't wait to experience!

You want to capture your children being just that. Children. They have the rest of their life to grow up and 'smile for the camera.' When you engage with me as a professional photographer I have a tonne of tips and tricks to get natural smiles out of kiddies. When they are doing something they love like running wild, skateboarding or climbing Mount Emu the likely hood of getting natural, authentic joy will increase

You are creating life long memories. I want to help you preserve your families unique bond and expressions in a way that you can cherish forever. I am happy to work with you to brain storm a shoot that will work for your family whether it be a maternity session at a festival (yep, I've done this!) or dressing up as superheros on top of a building - I'm here for it all!

Contact me

What do you think? Are you feeling excited to get creative?

Do you have an idea you would like to run past me? I would love to hear it and get planning an epic family session of your own!