Every now and then I have a photo shoot that simply warms my heart. We all know that life is busy and quite often we as mums get so caught up in the need to be 'somewhere' doing 'something' (albeit, anything!) to keep our little ones entertained that we can easily overlook the joy found in the simplest moments.

As a family photographer on The Sunshine Coast I am typically asked to meet down one of the local beaches or at the base of one of our gorgeous mountains but for this photo shoot I was invited into the family home of Brooke and Holiday for some serious pancake making!

In a cozy kitchen bathed in sunlight they broke eggs, flipped pancakes and danced around the room whist I captured the candid moments unfolding in front of me.

I know these moments will be cherished by Brooke and as time marches on they will transport her back to the special days raising her little girl.

So, to all the families on The Sunshine Coast with young children, I hope these photos inspire you to book your own session doing something that is special and meaningful to you!