I am quite often asked if family members can jump in on a cake smash mini session and get some beautiful photos together. I am happy to let you know that the answer is absolutely YES! As a photographer I am hardly in any photos with my own kids as I am always the one taking them. Of course I ask my partner to get some of us together at times but he doesn't quite have the same eye as me and usually captures my double chin in all its glory! (I know, I know, my kids don't care about my double chin and they will defiantly love to see photos of me and them together when they are older BUT you get the point!) Anyway, this post isn't meant to be all about my double chin and is in fact meant to let you know that you have the option to jump in with your little one for some family photos once we have completed the cake smash session.

If you are planning to get some family photos taken after the cake smash session then I strongly advise you bring a change of clothes both for you and bub! Cake seems to go everywhere!! I know you are probably thinking why don't we do the family photos first? Well two reasons, as the sun is dropping it creates a prettier light which will be gorgeous for your photos together and I have found that little miss/mr is happier once they have had a feast of cake and may I say a little sugar hit!

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